Blue Marlin

Blue Marlin

Genus and Species:

Makaira nigricans



Blue Marlin Description:

The blue marlin is a large pelagic fish with an elongated upper jaw that forms a spear. They have a pointed dorsal fin with no dark spots. They are black to blue on the back and silvery to white below. These popular gamefish live in tropical and warm temperate open ocean waters worldwide. They prefer clean blue waters and feed on fish and squid. Blue marlin can reach weights over 1,000-pounds, but more commonly you will see these marlin grow to 300-pounds. Because they are a popular game fish, marlin are protected so most of these fish get released. There are many methods used to troll for these pelagic fish. Lures, dead natural baits, and live baits are the most common ways. Anglers troll at various speeds, dragging the bait behind the moving boat and enticing the strike while on the move. Teasers and dredges are an important aspect of attracting these fish into your spread. Catching a blue marlin is often considered a pinnacle in one’s fishing experience.