Genus and Species:

Coryphaena hippurus



Other Common Names:

Dolphinfish, Dorado, Mahi Mahi, Green Hornets

Dolphin/Dorado Description:

The dolphin or dorado is one of the most sought-after sportfish for its acrobatic fight, beauty, and excellent eating. The dolphin is a prolific fish of blue, yellow, and green coloration with patterns of blue and purple dots that can flash when the fish is excited. The male fish has a tall, blunt forehead compared to the more rounded head of the female. They are fast growers and voracious eaters. They are thought to only live 4 to 5 years old and can reach a weight of over 80-pounds. Dolphin are open ocean fish that occur in most temperate and tropical waters of the world. Due to the dolphin’s voracious appetite, fishing methods vary with location and conditions. Trolling with baits and lures is highly effective when fishing current edges and weedlines. Dolphin are often attracted to the bait that collects under both natural and man-made floating objects and can be a day maker for lucky anglers.