Yellowfin Tuna

Genus and Species:

Thunnus albacares



Other Common Names:

Ahi (big ones), shibi (small ones)

Yellowfin Tuna Description:

The yellowfin tuna has a black to bluish back and a bronze and silver belly. They have distinct yellow fins and fairly long pectoral fins. Smaller tuna have a series of white spots and lines on their sides, but these fade with age. These tuna inhabit all tropical and temperate oceans of the world and are normally found well offshore in clean water. They are a schooling fish, and, in some areas, they tend to travel or feed with other larger creatures like sharks, whales and dolphins. Yellowfin are prized table fare and a very popular sport fish that can be caught on trolling baits, both live and dead, and on a variety of lures and vertical jigs. They are typically a voracious feeder but also very wary of visual aspects. Minimal terminal tackle and fluorocarbon leaders greatly improve an angler’s ability to trick the tuna into a bite.