Hatteras GT65 Carolina Fishing Boat

Hatteras is one of those legendary names among sport-fishers, and boats like the GT65 Carolina leave no doubt as to why. The bow’s trademark Carolina flare, hefty construction techniques, variable-degree deadrise hull, and a massive amount of power (3,200 diesel horses minimum, 3,800 maximum) give this boat the ability to charge through the roughest inlets and head for distant fishing grounds in conditions some would call un-fishable. 

Critical Fishing Features 

*Note – The GT65 is a custom boat and the owner gets his or her choice of all fishing features to be included, so there really isn’t a list of “standard” features. That said, common items will certainly be include: 

  • Multiple flush mounted gunwale rod holders 
  • Multiple hard top and pipework rocket launchers 
  • Transom live well 
  • Cockpit units including bait freezer, tackle stowage, and drink chill box 
  • In-deck fish boxes w/pump-outs 
  • Fresh and raw water wash-downs 
  • Multiple interior rod stowage locker options 

Angling Advantages 

  • The gigantic 182 square-foot cockpit is just about as big as you’ll find on any sportfishing machine in today’s market. Meanwhile, watching baits from the cushioned mezzanine while being blasted by cockpit air conditioning makes for just about as comfortable a fishing experience as any boat can provide. 
  • The ability to comfortably accommodate a rather huge crew (there’s sleeping quarters for eight people in four staterooms) means you can take out enough people to keep the show running all night long on overnighters at the canyons or long-distance multi-day fishing excursions. 
  • The custom nature of this boat means you can fill in the blank — just spell out what sort of angling advantages you’d like to have, and you’ll get them. 

Learn More 

See the Hatteras 65GT on video.