SoCal Bight Fish Report with Erik Landesfeind

It’s been a stormy week but we’ve got some good weather in the forecast on Saturday and the fish are biting. With steady rockfishing and even a chance at some bluefin tuna, Erik Landesfeind will give you the low down on what’s happening in our local waters.

About Erik Landesfeind

Since getting his start working as a deckhand on a ¾ day boat in the 1980s, Erik Landesfeind has spent the last 35 years fishing the waters off Southern California and Baja. Taking what he’d learned during his years fishing on sport boats, Erik branched out to get his own boat with the intention of fishing saltwater bass tournaments. Over the next decade, Erik dedicated the majority of his fishing time to learning the patterns and behaviors of sand bass, calicos, and spotted bay bass. His efforts paid off in multiple tournament wins and an angler of the year title. Erik is also an avid offshore fisherman who spends most summers targeting tuna and marlin when he isn’t fishing calico bass and yellowtail at the islands. This extensive and varied experience allows Erik to write knowledgeably about all aspects of Southern California fishing. We are lucky to have Erik’s weekly insight into what’s going on in the Southern California Bight.


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Erik, teach us about swordfishing methods.
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how would you set up a typical spin outfit for fishing calicos with best rod, reel and line, top shot?
Would love to see some intel on coastal fishing for white sea bass. What type of areas/structure to look for, depth, etc. I've got a decent knowledge about WSB at the islands but nothing about the coast.
It would be cool to get a tutorial on how to fish for longshot homeguard yellows. In other words, if the bite isn't on, what are the three top strategies to use if you'd rather fish all day and come home skunked on yellows than to default to bass or sculpin. For the yellowtail addicts facing low percentage odds.
Typically, when fishing for Calico Bass, you want a 7'-8' saltwater rod that is rated 15-30 lbs.
When selecting a saltwater spinning reel, aim for something in the 2500-4000 range. If you are fishing often, the higher-priced reels will last longer. If you pick the lower-priced reels, expect to go through 2-3 a year. However, you can make the cheaper reels last longer with consistent fresh water rinses after use to prevent salt and sand from decaying the reel.
As for line selection, mono or braid rated 15-30 lbs is ideal, with a top shot of fluorocarbon to match. You do not want your top shot to be heavier than your main line, this will likely cause your connection knot to fail.

For more information on inshore fishing, view our <a href="">Inshore Fishing Channel Here</a>.
Your best shot would be to fish with a charter captain who is specialized in the white seabass fishery.
Coastal WSB fishing can be tough, most of these fish are landed with extended time and research, as well as trial and error to figure out how to set up and read conditions properly.
Feel free to send us a DM for charter recommendations!
With the depth regulations being lifted next year, it would be great to hear some tips on how to rig up and type of equipment to use when dropping deep. Also what type of species can be expected to be targeted if any sport boats go in this direction
I've heard you talk about the full moon being good for bft and not good for bass and Cod. If you could explain in a little more detail that would be very helpful. Also just going over basic tactics. You've done this before and I learn a lot every time you talk about it. Really appreciate all the videos Erik! Thank you